Why Companies Are Now Choosing To Use the QuickBooks Time Tracking Feature

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The QuickBooks time tracking apps have really become highly sought after in today’s tough and very competitive business world. With fewer businesses willing to take losses, they are now looking into the prospect of getting a simple tool that makes their lives easier and far less stressful. QuickBooks time tracking features might just be the ideal tool and certainly it’s something which could prove to be very popular also. Isn’t it time you tried QuickBooks time tracker?

Tracks Employees Working Hours

It isn’t easy at the best of times to keep track of every employee within the company and if you have several hundred people under you, it’s impossible! However, it can be far easier to track the employees working hours with QuickBooks tracker. The tracker can be used to log the correct working hours and this makes things less messy and far simpler all around. This is why there are now more and more companies who are investing in QuickBooks and it makes sense. You really need to think about what this can do for you and your business too.

Less Chance of Errors

When you are running a business you cannot afford to lose money and it’s very unlikely you’re able to make mistakes. To be honest, keeping track of working hours with bits of paper or regular clocking in cards is not ideal; it’s very tough. However, mistakes can be made and that can potentially mean a company loses out on thousands per year – and that’s just with one employee. It can all add up and for most, they cannot afford to take a loss. However, with QuickBooks time tracking you can avoid making errors which hopefully will mean employees are paid for the hours they work and no mistakes are made. It’s ideal to say the least.

Makes Things Easier To Understand

You have to remember that when you use QuickBooks tracker you are going to make things a lot easier for you and your team. Employers and employees alike will be able to understand how to use QuickBooks timesheets and tracking apps and it’ll prove to be more than useful. This is why there are now more companies choosing to use QuickBooks and it’s a great option to say the least. More use these apps simply because they offer so much to thousands of companies worldwide.

It’s Time to Choose Time Trackers

There are truly thousands who love the idea of improving their business by using QuickBooks time trackers and they really are great. You can do so much with these simple tools and it has never been easier to put them to good use also. The trackers can enable you to ensure every worker is working when they should be and pay them for the hours they have worked too. It’s very important to avoid overpaying an employee and it’s also just as important to avoid underpaying them. Time trackers are going to help make the process easier for everyone. QuickBooks time tracking can be a great tool for you. For more info: getmytime.com

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Connecting Time Tracker to QuickBooks

QuickBooks time tracking is an easy and efficient way to ensure that your employees are getting paid on time and accurately for their work hours. The tracker allows your employees to submit their time wherever they are. Connecting the tracker to QuickBooks is a great way to cut out the time it takes to transfer the information over. Connecting the two will automatically sync the timesheets with QuickBooks billing and payroll. This will make your life easier in the long run.

The Step by Step Guide to Syncing Time Tracker & QuickBooks

  • Log on to your existing QuickBooks PC or QuickBooks Online account.
  • Set-up the Intuit Sync Manager (for QuickBooks PC. If you have QuickBooks PC, you’ll need to set up your Intuit Sync Manager. QuickBooks Online customers have the Sync Manager automatically set-up and can skip to step 3. Time Tracker and QuickBooks need to talk to each other. This is made possible through the Intuit Sync Manager. If you have never used this feature in QuickBooks PC, you’ll need to set it up. If you don’t, you won’t be able to connect Time Tracker with QuickBooks PC. In QuickBooks 2013, click “File” and then “Launch Intuit Sync Manager.”
  • Log on to your Intuit account. After you launch the Intuit Sync Manager you’ll be asked to enter your Intuit user name and password.
  • Once QuickBooks and the sync manager are connected you can go into time tracker and finish the connection. First, go to the QuickBooks Connection screen inside of the Time Tracker app. Just click Admin. Then click on Billing. You’ll then see the Connect to QuickBooks button. Check the box to activate the $5 per month QuickBooks connection fee. Then click on the Connect to QuickBooks button.
  • After you click “connect to QuickBooks” QuickBooks time tracker account appear in the list. Once it appears you will be all set to use time tracker with QuickBooks

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits to connecting Time Tracker and QuickBooks aside from the flexibility to track your time from any location is the added protection to your firewall. It’s safer to access such private and sensitive information on a QuickBooks server. For the employer it’s a one stop shop for payroll, employee information, customers, projects, jobs, service items, and classes. More details here: https://hubstaff.com/resources/benefits-of-time-tracking

Worried About Losing Your Data?

When the two software’s are synced together any information that was entered will be saved and merged when you sync them together. Don’t worry about things getting lost in translation. The whole purpose is to make life easier for you. If you’re having trouble syncing the two there is plenty of online help and a customer service number you can call to be walked through the process fairly quickly.

Now that we have given you the benefits of merging Time Tracker with QuickBooks and how easy it is to set up- what are you waiting for? Get out there and start saving time and making your workflow easier. You’ll thank us later.

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