Are you tired of feeling stuck

and are frustrated with your life and are ready to do whatever it takes to move forward?


I’m Susan Somerset-Webb, and my goal is to add value to your life by giving you the tools to pull yourself out of that “emotional quicksand,” stop the downward spiral of fearful thoughts, overwhelm and powerlessness and start telling a brand new, empowered story that supports your Happiness and Success Mindset. I’m going to show you how your beliefs have kept you stuck, broke and unhappy and what you can do about it.


I help women, just like you, finally to get out of their own damn way about money, happiness and success.
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Have you noticed that everything is personal? That you bring yourself to your business? That you are your business?

So, if you feel like a failure, that you’re not important, that you don’t deserve happiness, that you’re not good enough, or if you’ve simply stopped dreaming, because you’ve forgotten how, then those beliefs show up in your business. 

I will help you with REAL tools, which will finally allow you to dream those big dreams and get REAL results.

I'll help you not just dream your dreams,
but actually live them!

Just about every great business coach/leader will tell you that nothing is more important than Mindset. But do they tell you what Mindset is and how to achieve it? It’s not reading another ‘shelf-help’ book, it’s not taking yet another training course, it’s not about having the perfect business card or attending the right networking functions.

It is about your subconscious and the beliefs held there about YOURSELF and the WORLD AROUND YOU.

How do I know these tools work?

Because I’ve used them in my own life with tremendous success.  In 2002 I was sick, broke and suicidal.  That’s when EFT and later Psych-K showed up. Nothing happened overnight. It took years of dedicated focus but the results are in, my friends. I now have a thriving practice and help thousands of women all over the world rewrite their subconscious beliefs so they can finally live into their greatness.

Are you tired of just wishing your life were different and ready to see some big changes?

There is only one difference between you and me.  I process information the same way you do, but I use powerful change tools every day to get out of my own way about my Happiness, Success and Money. Are you in?

I will help you with REAL tools which will finally allow you to dream those big dreams and get REAL results.

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Bonus Chapter from Tap It!: "EFT and the Law of Attraction"

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    The ability to get to the very heart; the very root of an issue and help you to reframe it—to think about it differently; to feel about it differently, in a way that serves you, your effectiveness and your happiness (and to do so quickly!)—is the essence of what you will receive by working with Susan and her Psych-K technique. She has been so helpful to my family and me. I can't recommend her highly enough.
    Bob Burg Co-author of the National Bestselling Book: The Go-Giver
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    Everything comes down to energy. And in this fascinating book, Susan Somerset-Webb offers an intriguing approach to using it to overcome your limiting beliefs.
    Randy Gage Author of Prosperity Mind and the 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Did You Know... ?

Real change does not happen at the conscious level.
Real change happens at the subconscious level.
And it can take only minutes!